Dog Training


Not enough time to train your own dog? Just want to get the job done
without sending your dog to a pricey pet spa or hard core doggie boot
camp? Sunrun Kennels now offers Boarding and Training with Professional Dog Trainer Dana Williams. Our Boarding an Training features a very high success rate along with the most competitive pricing available. Your dog will enjoy its own covered indoor-outdoor kennel run complete with A/C, heat and time in one of our four large grassy exercise yards. Training is done both on and off the property. Unlike other kennels, we do NOT charge extra for fears or aggression and we have one of the lowest prices available for boarding and training.


Boarding and Training is done by the week or by the day. Each full week the dog is with us, you receive one in-home Private Session to be used to help transfer the training to the new owner. We recommend only using the per-day price for dogs who plan to come 2-3 times per week, or for dogs who are just reviewing their basic commands.

$50 per day
$300 per week  (includes one private session)

Special Diet, Medications and Taxi Service are all included for our Board and Train Clients!


Private In Home Lessons


Ready to have personalized one-on-one attention from an experienced trainer? Want to stop your dog's bad habits or begin teaching new behaviors? Try an in-home private session!

What is it?

Private sessions are held for 1 1/2 to 2 hours in your home, during most hours of the day or night. We can work sessions into your exact schedule, so training the family dog doesn't have to be a burden for you!

What can we do in private sessions?

While most owners don't think much can be covered in a private session, often times this is the easiest way to solve basic behavior problems. During a single session or series of sessions, we can talk about all the behavior problems being exhibited by the dog and discuss a plan of action for beginning to solve the problems. By being in the dog's normal home environment, I can often explain what changes can be made to the home that will benefit both the dog and owner.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions needed will depend entirely on the dog and the amount of problems that need to be resolved. Often times we can also begin working on teaching new behaviors and getting the dog on the right track. This can include anything the owner wishes the dog would know - from your basic "sit" command to fetching a drink from the fridge!

The more training you do, the better your dog will be! Dogs who complete the entire 6-package lesson are proficient on leash in public, beginning off leash behaviors, and have a large vocabulary of commands and tricks.


Evaluation in Home - No Cost, No Obligation
Single Session in Home - $125
Package of 6 Lessons ($600)


Dog grooming


Sunrun Kennels offers a full service grooming salon for all your pet care needs. We keep our pricing affordable while still offering a great service to our customers.

All Grooms Include:


    Shampoo  & Condition

    Clean Ears

    Clean Eyes

    Clip/Dremel  Nails

    Blow out  coat by Hand - Dogs are not cage dried! 




RATES for Grooming varies depending on the condition of the coat and size of the dog. The general guide we go by for pricing our grooms is as follows:


Small Dog Bath: $20.00
Medium Dog Bath: $30
Large Dogs or dogs with heavy coat are upwards of $35
BASIC TRIM: (Feathers, Hock Area, Paws,  Legs, Face)

$10.00 -$15.00


$15.00  (Starting – Based on matts)



NAIL TRIM (Clip and Dremel)




CUTS: Puppy cuts; Summer cuts; ****Breed  Cut Available****

$20.00  Small 

$26.00 Medium

$32.00  Medium/Large

$36.00  Large

Bath/Nails are included for all cuts. Pricing subject to vary for specialty cuts or heavy matting


Boarding For All Breeds


Choosing a boarding kennel is one of the hardest decisions a pet owner is faced with. Sunrun Kennels has been family owned and operated for over 13 years. Our kennel offers indoor-outdoor covered kennel runs, four well lit exercise yards, and all the amenities of home. We pride ourselves in not nickle and diming our customers. While most kennels charge extra for bringing your own food or medications, we welcome owners to bring whatever will make their dog's stay more comfortable. We have our own stock of pet beds and blankets or feel free to bring your pooches favorite pillow. All we ask is that any times you bring are clearly marked with the pets name so we don't loose them !

Want to bring a special diet for your pet? No problem. Sunrun Kennels hand-makes every pets meal. We serve Canidae to all our guest with canned dog food mixed in as a special treat. Owners are welcome to individually package meals by the day if you want your pet fed a special diet.

Aggressive, Unneutered, or Unsocial dogs are WELCOME. While most resorts double dogs up into kennel runs, your dog will have its own run and OWN private exercise time if it does not get along with other dogs. We welcome intact dogs as well and have NO breed restrictions.

If you have a senior or injured pet, please ask about our special accommodations! We have several clients that bring their older pets with them and we have special quiet rooms your pet is welcome to stay in during their stay.

With Sunrun Kennels, there is never a worry that your dog will be stressed or anxious about their new environment. We strive to maintain a small, personal environment for the benefit of each dog here. The first thing most people notice about our kennel is that it doesn't SMELL like a kennel and it doesn't SOUND like a kennel. We strive to keep the dogs clean, quiet, and happy.


Doggie Day-Care


Our Day-Care program is designed with every dog from young to old in mind. Day-Care facilities are designed to make your dog feel as much like being right at home as possible. We have four large exercise areas for your pooch to play in with other dogs. We hand pick dogs for each social group and offer full supervision while your pet plays. If you work long hours but your dog isn't social, we can always take your pet out individually for one-on-one play with one of our staff members.

Daycare Rates:

$20 per day 
$12 for a half day
$50 for Daycare with Training

Vaccination Requirements


All dogs must have current vaccination records on file with Sunrun Kennels while they are boarding with us. A written verification of vaccinations from a veterinarian or a receipt showing the date and purchase of a vaccination are the only vaccination proof that will be accepted. The following are a list of vaccinations Sunrun Kennels requires its guests to have on file with us prior to their stay.

RABIES (this vaccination is also required by 
Orange County. Puppies under 4 months are exempt.)

DHLPP - titer testing accepted

PARVO - titer testing accepted


Sunrun Kennels prefers that its guests have this vaccination every six months, however it is only required once a year. Request information on Bordettella when touring the kennel facilities.


romo dog trained by dana williams oc dog lady There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Dana. I came to meet Dana when my German Shepherd, Romanowski, was about a year and a half years old. It was the first time I have ever owned a German Shepherd, and I was uneducated when it came to this particular dog breed. I am a huge animal lover and have always owned a dog. Romo was a challenge just to take on walks. I loved him to death but simple daily activities were exhausting to do with him. I sent Romo to train with Dana for 6 weeks. I must have driven her nuts with the constant phone calls to see how he was doing. Dana not only trained Romo, but she educated me on owning a German Shepherd and she taught me how to handle him. Dana also gave me the encouragement to prepare & enter Romo in a BH trial. It was the proudest moment of my life to see him accomplish his BH Trial. She made Romanowski into the “Superstar” that he is today. We both love her to death. Thanks again Dana… You made my “geek” into “Superstar” !!!

Trish Leon and "Romonowski" 
Simi Valley, CA

doja trained by dana williams the oc dog ladyTo whom it may concern,

Dana Williams has been involved in the training, handling, and showing of two of my dogs. I regularly involve Dana in and consult with her regarding all aspects of my dogs’ behavior and care. She is an industrious individual who is extremely knowledgeable and who has a very extensive background in the education of both the canine and its owner. She communicates well and is articulate in her explanation of dog psychology and what the purpose of the training techniques are and what they accomplish. Additionally she is pleasant, resourceful, and reliable. Without hesitation I recommend her services.

Kurt Brunner with "Lilly" and "Bo"
Long Beach, CA

lilly trained by dana williams the oc dog lady Dana started working with my golden retriever Doja shortly after I got him at 4 months old. Dana was a big help in getting him to calm down and stop his incessant howling whenever we left. He had severe separation anxiety. Dana was also able to teach him many tricks and spent a lot of time with Doja in the pool. Dana was also able to diagnose any dog related questions I might have had. Dana was a giant help in the raising and training of my now seven year old golden retriever, Doja.

Susan Christian and "Doja"
Orange, CA